This concept of getting inspiration from the finished essays of other students only works in certain cases. For example, if the student is non-ESL and can manage to actually understand the free essay sample that he is reading, and he has a knack for academic writing then yes, he may benefit from the free essay services. If a student is also in the middle of trying to figure out what kind of research work he wants to get involved with, then the free essay can serve to inspire him towards a particular theme. In other words, the benefits of free essays only can only be enjoyed by students who actually know how to write a research paper and most importantly, have the time to do so.
Funnily enough, as the funds had been witheld, the company made contact with me accusing me of lying, and downloading a completed order. The document they were talking about was less than 100 words on one page with no references, despite the fact i’d ordered 2500 words over 9 pages and 8 references.

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