write on paper

write on paper

A Thanksgiving tradition at our house, in the year before a presidential election, is to make everyone sitting around the table write down on a slip of paper who they think will win the election, which we then collect in an envelope.
Then groups should rephrase the modifications to the steps to specify their “secrets,” which they should write down on a slip of paper .

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Writing is a process, and no two people write in the same way. We recommend following these steps when writing your paper, and remember that it is okay to jump between steps if you need to do more thinking or researching as you write.

Write on paper
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Write on paper
The slower process of writing by hand allows your brain to think and concentrate on what it is you are writing about. This allows the brain to draw deeper connections and allows the information to be more easily remembered. Several studies have shown that students who handwrite their notes have a deeper understanding of the material, and on average achieve higher test scores. Writing longhand also allows the brain to make better connections as it is less distracted by its surroundings.This translates to better problem-solving abilities and better reading comprehension.
It is easy to understand how the act of writing versus typing can increase memory potential and limit distractions, but how can it help one think more creatively? Since creativity cannot be quantified, there are many theories as to why handwriting increases creativity . Some speculate that the movements of writing are linked to simple exercises that carries out into creative thinking. Authors such a Stephen King believe that because handwriting takes more time that the brain has a few more seconds to think creatively. Many believe that the links between sketching and drawing to writing allow the brain to visualize the work that has been created, causing a further understanding of the content and a more creative process.

Write on paper
Dear native English speakers, Could you tell me whether those two forms which I have rewrote are grammatically correct or not? I’m eager for you authoritative answer. Thank you!
But you couldn’t turn this into either
To write on the paper is too flimsy
It’s too flimsy to write on the paper.