A few days ago I experienced what I feel anyone with a creative mind (and lets be real, everyone has some creativity in them) goes through every once in a while. Starting up a multitude of projects, then before you’re able to complete the project, you get distracted by another new project. Am I right, or am I right? In my attemt to figure out what this was all about, I wrote down my thoughts. Is this procrastination? Is this a process? All I know for sure, is that it makes me crazy. 

P.S. Though this is nowhere close to what I would consider blog-worthy, in the interest of completing a blog post (something I’ve been putting off of late – call it perfectionism? Laziness? Whatever it is, it had to be stopped. So here’s my attempt at breaking the chain. 

Because there always seems to be something better to do…

Who needs the ability to finish a job?

The thrill of starting a new project, of charting uncharted waters, of getting involved and getting your hands dirty. My fingers itch to start something new. Always. Something interesting, something that I haven’t done before. The challenge, the opportunity! The promise of discovering an entirely new world of possibilities.

The hope.

Is there anything wrong, with loving this feeling? Is it possible to deny that this is a full-blown addiction? Must it be denied? I hereby declare that I, Julia Gifford, am addicted to starting new projects.

So sue me. Am I a criminal? Here’s to those, my equals, whose curiosity is stronger than their patience. What would the world be without the creative-minded? If everyone finished what they began…ok, bad example, it would probably be much more concrete, precise, and organized.

How can anyone justify not leaping into a new project the moment inspiration strikes? Will you really push it away and say “no, inspiration, not today, I have real work to do”. No! Never! Inspiration is my most cherished resource, when inspiration comes to visit, you mount that horse, hold on tight, and kick your bucks into the side, and off you go! Polish that surfboard, ride those waves. Because if you’re not ready to make use of that surfboard when that wave comes, then you’ll never know the adrenaline, the high of riding that particular wave.

Because you never know what it can bring. Because you can’t afford to let inspiration slip away – because who knows when it will come back? Who said that that inspiration is fleeing…who said that you have to train it. As Hemingway famously said, “write drunk, edit sober”.

Because your work, while you’re inspired, produces the best, the highest, the most wonderful results – why? Because this is authentic. It’s coming from the heart.

And this, dear reader, is the result of inspiration. Because I would rather write this inspired manifesto about not writing a blog post by writing a blog post on a topic that is, let’s face it, procrastination (I hate that word!).

So let’s raise a glass, to riding that wave, to dropping everything then the stoke of inspiration comes, that stroke of electrifying lightning that lights that fire under your ass and makes you jump up and CREATE! Because as I said yesterday in a meeting, this world belongs to those who create.

Hats off to you, creators!

Especially to those who can finish what they create…

And on the inside someone’s screaming JUST LAUNCH/PUBLISH/FINISH ALREADY! And I totally understand them and I’m just about to buckle down and get shit done when, “Oh, something shiny….”