This was an exceptionally exciting day, as I used tofu for the first time! Imagine my surprise, when I came across a package of tofu in the grocery store. It was too much of an opportunity, that I didn’t want to miss – I could both try making something out of tofu for the first time, and also introduce my roommates to it!

I had just had a discussion with one of my latvian friends on the subject of tofu. I tried to explain that it was a soy based product, and is generally used as a meat replacement. He couldn’t accept the idea that this little white block could be a sufficient replacement for meat, or that it could be as satisfying and filling. Challenge accepted!


So I prepared the tofu – the recipe said to coat in cornstarch – something I haven’t managed to find in this country. So I deemed a suitable replacement – potato starch. Then I fried up the tofu in a pan until it was crispy and golden brown. I continued to make the sauce, I don’t know if it would be a teriyaki sauce, or general tso’s, or what, but it was definitely stir-fry-y. It was a soy-based sauce, with brown sugar, tomato sauce (or ketchup), sesame oil, and ginger. After making the sauce, add the veggies. We had carrots, broccoli, onion, and red pepper. Then add the tofu. When the carrots are soft enough to eat, the stir-fry is ready! Serve on a bed of rice  Here’s the result:

However, possibly the most entertaining aspect of this meal was the ordeal of eating it with chop-sticks – a task which is not usually attempted in this country, and a not very refined skill. So dinner and entertainment all in one! Why not?