Edit: This was the first post of my blog, back when I was only writing about cooking. After realising that I have plenty other topics that I wanted to write about, the blog got a makeover. Now I write not only about cooking, but also about any other topic that I feel passionate about, mostly writing, anything relating to my Latvian roots, marketing, etc. Enjoy!

First, let me introduce myself.

My name’s Julia, or Jūlija (for the culturally inclined), or Jūle, as my loving friends call me.
I’m a Canadian-born Latvian, who has been living in the lovely East-Northern European country of Latvia for the past four years.

Now let me introduce you to the cooking scene in Latvia. It’s pretty much non-exitant. For a country of people who love to eat, they don’t have much creativity for the thing. Now I’m not talking about restaurants, or haute cuisine, I’m sure they have the art down pat. I’m talking about home made food that you would find in a regular household. They live mostly off of potatoes and meat. Don’t get me wrong, it’s delicious, but after four years of it, you start to want to branch out. Which brings me to the purpose of this blog.

I’ve taken up the challenge of recreating my favourite North American recipes, but here, in Latvia, with the limited resources that we have (and by limited I mean, seriously, the grocery stores ONLY carry basics….meat, flour, rice, cheese, etc. You know, staples.) Ranging from Caesar salad to BBQ chicken wings. I’ll be glad for any suggestions. As for right now, I have to figure out what to make for dinner!