So the other day I went to the market looking for salad, and the lady with muddy fingers (only trust the ones with muddy fingers!) laughed at me and asked me where I hope to find salad in this weather. *sigh* One thing I haven’t yet mastered is the art of cooking with seasonally available food.

And so I came home with a large bag full of spinach.

Kale chips is something I’ve always wanted to try, but it’s not something I’ve ever found in Latvia (maybe I just don’t know the word for it?). And while I was in Canada, I sure wasn’t about to pay $7 for a mini bag. So the idea struck – why not do the same, but with spinach?

And so here goes the adventure.

The setup – all we needed was nice fresh, firm spinach, salt, extra-virgin olive oil, and garlic.

Toss it all together

Set them out on a baking sheet. I put parchment paper underneath so that they wouldn’t burn.

They burned anyway.

Ok, so they need barely any time in the oven – 5 mins tops!


Spinach chips are delicious. However very finicky – though the second batch came out alright, they turned out very thin. So thin that they would crumble as you took a bite out of them.