Yumm! What can I say – I love burgers! So naturally, when I asked my friend what to make for dinner, and she suggested burgers, I jumped on the opportunity. The entire process was simple enough. Cook the chicken, cut the veggies and cheese, and make the sauce. The sauce was pretty obvious, mix together honey with mustard. It sure wasn’t rocket science.

Layer the burger up with your favourite toppings and condiments (we had an array of lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese, not to mention ketchup and mayo), and you’re good to go! We served this beside some oven roasted potatoes (although not very well done, if you can tell by the picture, but hey, there’s room for improvement!), and pickles.

What I love about chicken burgers is the minimal prep time. Since you don’t have to worry about cutting anything up before cooking it, you can spend your valuable time doing something else, like whipping up desert  And it’s just so darn tasty! I have yet to meet anyone, regardless of ethnicity, who doesn’t like burgers!

Interesting side note – we were able to find burger buns at the grocery store. However my friend had the idea to also use a slightly slimmer bun, made of carrot bread. We’ll have to try that one out next time.