I know it sounds silly, but I often find myself craving some sort of macaroni and cheese. In N. America it’s as simple as going out to the store to pick us some KD or Chef Boyardi. Over here? No luck. You want it, you make it from scratch. So here’s my attempt at home made beefaroni – the ultimate comfort food.

We have maccaroni. We have beef (though it’s a bit more rare – the Latvians are more of a pork-eating people). So really the only tricky part was the cheese sauce. You know, the creamy, gooey goondess. But it somehow didn’t turn out the way that it does for Kraft Dinner.

Here’s how I made it:

I heated cream in a sauce pan. Then I slowly added a whole lot of grated cheese. Sounds like heaven, right? Wrong. In stead of the cheese getting stringy, stretchy and gooey, it just sort of turns into these clumps of cheese. It never seems to melt evenly for me. (Any suggestions?) Though it does taste wonderful (you can’t go wrong with cream and cheese), it doesn’t have the creamy taste that we all know and love. Here’s what it turned out to look like.

Though all of my friends enjoyed it, and I mean, how can you not? Even the picky-est five-year-old would gobble this down. But this is definitely a recipe that I’ve not yet mastered (go figure – the easiest one in the book). I’ll have to try it again (aw shucks). But don’t worry, that just means that you might get invited over for dinner. That is, if you’re not afraid of my experimental cooking