I have to say it – grilled cheese sandwiches are gross. At least the ones with the processed cheese slices. The way it sticks to your teeth while you’re eating it….
But the concept is genius. What could be better than a load of melted cheese on bread? But why stop there? I’ve gone the extra mile. Here’s my variation. 
First, you should know, that my roommates tend to avoid certain foods. Those are olives, spicy food, and mushrooms. So it significantly decreases the amount of available recipes (especially since I happen to love all three afore mentioned foods). I decided that I would try to incorporate some olives and jalapenos into this recipe, and see how it goes. 
For this recipe, I combined both cream cheese and regular cheese. I chopped olives into tiny pieces, and mixed them into the cream cheese, and then applied a generous layer on the to slices of “toaster bread” (as the Latvians call it). Then on top of that I put on some marinated jalapeno bits, to add some kick. And then I layered lots of shredded regular cheese (one of the generic beige-y cheese which are available in grocery stores and often on hand at home). Then grilled it like a grilled cheese should be. The result? Heaven. Though even I had to admit that the jalapenos were quite spicy. 

Then I made another for my roommates, cut it into quarters, so that everyone got a small piece. The first two said it was much too hot, and couldn’t understand why their mouthes were burning. The third found it fine. The fourth bit into a jalapeno when she thought it was a regular cheese sandwich. Ok, so I guess the jalapenos were a bit much. But none of them noticed the olives :p
Either way, it was still a delicious alternative to the traditional grilled cheese sandwich. And this I even prefer to the original.