So this easter passed without much ado, I didn’t even do the traditional egg colouring in onion skins. For those of you who don’t know what that looks like, here are some previously coloured eggs:

Pretty, no? And yes, it was snowing that year… 

So, since I didn’t have any coloured eggs, I decided that I must do something with eggs, because what would Easter be without eggs? And then it came to me – devilled eggs!

I’ve always loved devilled eggs, but they always seemed like such a hassle to make. So I had my challenge, I was going to pull it together and do it!

All in all it wasn’t that difficult. Boil eggs (ironically the hardest part – boiling them just right), cut, scoop out middles, mix with mayo and other good stuff like a bit of garlic, salt and pepper, and then fill the eggs. One of the things I don’t have here in Latvia is those cake decorating icing squeezer things, which makes the icing (in this case, egg filling), look pretty when it comes out. So I improvised with a plastic baggie with the end cut off. The result was possibly less appetizing-looking, but all the same in the stomach. Garnished with chilli powder and it was great!