Possibly the most tasty combination under the sun – buffalo chicken + guacamole. The spicy buffalo sauce combined with the soothing yet tangy guac is to die for. The spiciness can be controlled for those who prefer more moderate tastes, but as I’m home alone this weekend – I went all-out spicy.

As you can see, the process is incredibly easy.



Chicken breast
1 tsp Buffalo sauce
3 tsp Tomato sauce


2-3 Ripe avocados
1 clove of garlic
1/2 of a lemon’s juice
1 tbsp sour cream
salt, pepper, tabasco sauce to taste


1. Boil the chicken Put the chicken breasts in boiling water and boil until cooked through.

2. Make the guacamole In the mean time, make the guacamole. Put the pitted and peeled avocados in a bowl, finely chop the garlic clove, and add the rest of the ingredients.

With a fork crush and mix the avocados with the rest of the ingredients. Make sure you have enough salt – avocados usually need quite a bit.

3. Prepare the chicken When the chicken is boiled, take it out and let it cool. With a fork, shred the chicken. In a bowl, combine the shredded chicken with the buffalo sauce and tomato sauce.
*You might not need the tomato sauce if your buffalo sauce is mild enough to eat, but my home-made buffalo sauce turned out so spicy that it has to be watered down with some tomato sauce to be edible.

4. Put together the wrap Place the tortilla in a hot pan for a little while – it will make it more malleable. Then put down lettuce leaves, spoon on the chicken mixture, and then top with guacamole. Fold the tortilla so that nothing falls out of the bottom. Place it on a pan to heat up. Flip it over when one side begins to sizzle.

And voila, you’re done!